Beat Kune Do
  所属专辑:Roller Coaster
作词 : 欧阳靖
作曲 : 欧阳靖
Time to let the world know
This that Beat Kune Do
Lights camera action
On the mic I never been slackin'
Everytime I step foot in the booth
Enter the dragon
For way too long they been trying to box me in
The Chinese kid that raps
Aka MC Jin
They call it trap
Cause they don't wanna see you grow
It's no secret peep it knowledge you trying to seek I know
Inspired by Bruce Lee yeah this that sifu flow
True MCs can rhyme on anything
We call this Beat Kune Do
Ain't gon' lie lost my drive
'Til I let Jesus take the wheel
Hands up high can't deny
That my faith is real
We gon' ride side by side
With my face revealed
Catch this vibe
Yeah that's right this is not a drill
Now why would you try to be something you're not
Just cause you think it's the way to the top
Don't be confused that it's actually hot
Just cause you see that the views are a lot
No no no
That is not the way to go
Bro bro bro
I just thought that you should know
This that Beat Kune Do
This that Beat Kune Do
That Beat Kune Do
That Beat Kune Do
This is Beat Kune Do
一 二 三 四五六 七
Let me just be direct with ya'll
This the type of track I jump on with no hesitation
Serving gourmet rhymes all the time
I know the guests are waiting
Every line is designed for this special occasion
Have a seat grab a plate
No need for reservations
Since day one
I knew that I was bound to be a factor
I come from an era when you were actually proud to be a rapper
Through the pain and laughter
My story's been remastered
I took the pages of failure
And made it my favorite chapter
They tried to roll the end credits
But I never let them move me
Besides you know the book is always better than the movie
Nowadays I ain't even rhyming to get mo' bucks
I'm just tryin to free my mind
Ok fine my son wants robux
My style is no style
I just thought that y'all should know
Every performance formless
I'm water with the flow
Honestly just be yourself
That's the path you need to go
This has been a feature presentation of Beat Kune Do

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